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Need that manual to be translated to Polish? Users complain that your software does not have a Polish interface? Your website could use a Polish version?

This can be done, this can be done well. This can be done professionally.

But first some proper introduction is in order...

My name is Jarosław Michalak. I work as a translator of technical materials since 1994. My primary field of expertise covers computers, software/website localization and other areas related to digital information processing (software, hardware, consumer electronics, etc.). My second field is automotive industry, where I translate both technical materials (service station manuals, user manuals for automobile equipment) and marketing/advertising materials (several websites for three major American and Japanese automakers). Beside the general automotive texts I am quite familiar with agricultural and construction machinery, as I translate manuals and documentation for tractors, excavators, bulldozers, etc.

Naturally, over the years I have ventured outside those main areas, although most of my work is related to them in some respect. For example, my localization projects have led me to gaming localization, both of websites casuals and of hardcore games, but also to localization of CNC machinery controllers and in-car navigation systems. From technical manuals I went to materials on consumer electronics (digital cameras, hand tools, even refrigerators) and industrial machinery (printing slitters, water-jet cutters, etc.).

In the Projects section you might find descriptions of some major projects I have lately participated in. Please note, however, that in some cases the description is rather general due to non-disclosure obligations.

In the Services section you will find description of the services I provide and software I use.

If you require any other information, please proceed to Contacts.

Finally, note that Manutekstura is a one-person company, not an agency. No work is outsourced unless specifically requested by the client.